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Table 5 Severity of congenital heart disease in asymptomatic newborns with cardiac murmur

From: Congenital heart disease diagnosed with echocardiogram in newborns with asymptomatic cardiac murmurs: a systematic review

Sources Classification of CHD severity CHD number (%)
Al-Ammouri et al. [33] Total CHD 68
Critical: hypoplastic left heart syndrome, aortic stenosis 4 (5.9)
Significant: CHD proved to be symptomatic and/or eventually required intervention during infancy or childhood 18 (26.5)
Others 46 (67.6)
Minocha et al. [26] Total CHD 188
Critical: CHD requiring immediate intervention 2 (1.1)
Major: CHD requiring intervention within 12 months of life 26 (13.8)
Minor: CHD expected to resolve spontaneously or unlikely to require intervention 160 (85.1)
Fenster et al. [34] Total CHD 11
CHD triggered a change in management before hospital discharge 3 (27.3)
CHD necessitating outpatient cardiology follow-up 8 (72.7)
  1. Abbreviations: CHD, congenital heart disease