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Peer Review Taxonomy

This journal is participating in a pilot of NISO/STM's Working Group on Peer Review Taxonomy, to identify and standardize definitions and terminology in peer review practices in order to make the peer review process for articles and journals more transparent. Further information on the pilot is available here.

The following summary describes the peer review process for this journal:

  • Identity transparency: Single anonymized
  • Reviewer interacts with: Editor
  • Review information published: Review reports. Reviewer Identities reviewer opt in. Author/reviewer communication

We welcome your feedback on this Peer Review Taxonomy Pilot. Please can you take the time to complete this short survey.

Aims and scope

BMC Pediatrics is an open access journal publishing peer-reviewed research articles in all aspects of health care in neonates, children and adolescents, as well as related molecular genetics, pathophysiology, and epidemiology.


Oliver Cocks, BMC

Assistant Editors

Maxine Dillon, BMC

Sarah Gray, BMC

Featured Content: October 2021

Research: Parental experience of the neuromotor development of children with congenital heart disease: an exploratory qualitative study

Children with severe congenital heart disease (CHD) are a group of children at risk for neurodevelopmental impairments. Motor development is the first domain to show a delay during the first year of life and may significantly contribute to parental concerns, stress, and difficulties in early child-parent attachment. Thus, the aim of the study was to better understand the wishes and concerns of parents of children with CHD and explore their experience of their children’s neuromotor development in the first year of life.

Research: Hypovitaminosis D and risk factors in pediatric epilepsy children

Anti-seizure medication (ASM) treatment is one of the significant risk factors associated with abnormal vitamin D status in epilepsy patients. Multiple studies have shown that adult epilepsy patients can exhibit vitamin D deficiency. However, there are few reports investigating pediatric epilepsy patients. In this study, we aimed to identify risk factors related to hypovitaminosis D in pediatric epilepsy patients in Thailand.

May: Understanding Mental Health

With Mental Health Awareness Month in May, the BMC Series presents a focus issue on ‘Understanding Mental Health’. We have brought together content to highlight research into understanding and improving mental health.


  1. Authors: Brian J Morris, Jake H Waskett, Joya Banerjee, Richard G Wamai, Aaron AR Tobian, Ronald H Gray, Stefan A Bailis, Robert C Bailey, Jeffrey D Klausner, Robin J Willcourt, Daniel T Halperin, Thomas E Wiswell and Adrian Mindel

    Content type: Debate

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