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Table 2 Adolescents’ Responses to Semi-Structured Interview N = 39

From: Do adolescents consider mind-body skills groups an acceptable treatment for depression: results from a pilot study

Key Concept Post-Intervention
n (%)
n (%)
Representative Quote
How did the Mind-Body Skills Group help you?
Skills or Activities 19 (49) 15 (38) “All the skills they taught us really did help once we applied them. They did help us all cope with certain things.”
Outcomes 15 (38) 15 (38) “ helped me relax and figure out why I was always upset … It helps me relax and stay in control.”
Socializing and Connection to Others 16 (41) 11 (28) “I feel very connected with the people in the group. This connection with people helped me because I know I have someone to count on.”
Other 4 (10) 6 (15) “They taught us skills, but they didn’t help as much with me. Maybe for others, but not me.”
What was the most important and interesting part of the group?
Skills or Activities 28 (72) 17 (44) “Going each week and learning a new skill was interesting because it taught me how to handle being overwhelmed with emotions.”
 Drawing 9 (23) 4 (10) “The drawings on week 1 and week 10. It revealed a lot about each and every kid in there.”
 Meditation 4 (10) 7 (18) “The meditation. It helped me focus more on things and made me feel calm.”
 Soft Belly Breathing 4 (10) 0 (0) “It was also interesting to see how the breathing helped everyone.”
Socializing and Connection to Others 22 (56) 24 (62) “Hearing other people’s stories. The fact that other people go through the same type of stuff. It makes me feel like I don’t want anything to happen to them, and they feel the same towards me.”
Other 5 (8) 4 (10) “Learning how to have a mind and body connection was the most interesting.”
How has your life or outlook of the world changed?
More Positive Thinking/Less Negative Thoughts 15 (39) 17 (44)* “I have become more hopeful and I feel like I have better chances for my future.”
Socializing and Connection with Others 15 (39) 16 (41)* “Before I felt that people didn’t like me. But now I have learned how to communicate and relate with others. Feels like I have more friends now”.
Increased Self-Worth 6 (16) 3 (8)* “The groups helped me realize I matter more than I thought”.
Increased Emotional Regulation 6 (16) 5 (13)* “I’m more calm and can control my emotional distress. I don’t feel as lost as I did before.”
Unsure if Helped 4 (11) 2 (5)* It really allowed me to understand things in my life from a different perspective but didn’t really change how I felt about them.”
Did Not Help 3 (8) 5 (13)* “I feel stuck in the middle of things. I can see two sides of life, but I don’t know which side to choose.”
Reduced Suicidal Ideation 3 (8) 2 (5)* “I don’t feel like killing myself at all…”
Other 3 (8) 6 (15)* “I don’t like expressing my feelings.”
  1. Note: Categories are not mutually exclusive. Percentages can be more than 100%
  2. *N = 38 participants. One individual chose not to answer this question