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Table 1 In-house guideline for meconium mobilization starting in April 2017

From: Lipid enemas for meconium evacuation in preterm infants – a retrospective cohort study

Preterm infants < 28 weeks gestational age or < 32 weeks gestational age if birth weight is <10th percentile:
• Apply the first enema not earlier than 24 h after birth
• Use special rectal catheter (Prirektosilk natal®, Primed, Halberstadt, Germany)
• Insert catheter for no more than 3 cm
• Instill warmed lipid emulsion (SMOFlipid®20%, Fresenius Kabi AG, Bad Homburg, Germany) using a syringe
• Apply a volume of 10 ml/kg
• Apply lipid emulsion slowly over 10 to 15 min. Leave catheter in place for a few minutes
• Remove catheter
• If necessary, apply gentle abdominal massage afterward
• Repeat once daily until the infant passes transitional stool