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Table 7 Water, sanitation and hygiene- related factors associated with acute diarrhea among under-five children from multivariable logistic regression analysis* in Woldia Town, northeast Ethiopia, March to June 2018

From: Prevalence of acute diarrhea and water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) associated factors among children under five in Woldia Town, Amhara Region, northeastern Ethiopia

Variable AOR (95% CI) p-value
Quantity of water consumption per capita per day
 <20 liters 2.45(1.36-5.84) <0.001
 ≥20 liters 1  
Type of sanitation facility
 Unimproved 3.57(1.64-6.51) <0.001
 Improved 1  
Handwashing practice at critical times
 Poor practice 1.85(1.34-3.56) 0.001
 Good practice 1  
Child feces disposal
 Unsafe 2.51(1.69-4.64) 0.001
 Safe 1  
Mother/caregiver had information about acute diarrhea being prevented by handwashing with water and soap
 Had no information 3.12(1.64-6.27) <0.001
 Had information 1  
  1. 1 reference category, AOR adjusted odds ratio, CI confidence interval
  2. *Variables that had a p-value < 0.2 from the bivariate analysis were included into the multivariable logistic regression model. A total of 25 variables that were adjusted/controlled for multivariable analysis included mother’s/caregiver’s age, mother’s/caregiver’s educational level, mother’s/caregiver’s occupation, marital status, father’s occupation, father’s educational level, wealth index, index child age, birth order of index child, main source of drinking water, time to obtain drinking water, quantity of water consumption per capita per day, type of sanitation facility, sharing status of latrine, latrine cleaning in the past two weeks, feces observed on the floor and/or around the latrine, child food/drink utensil storage, child food/drink storage, mother/caregiver knew about germs being removed by handwashing with water and soap, handwashing facility within/around the latrine, handwashing practice at critical times, mother/caregiver information about WASH, mother/caregiver information about acute diarrhea being prevented by handwashing with water and soap and child feces disposal method