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Table 3 Source and date of existing recommendations

From: Supporting recommendations for childhood preventive interventions for primary health care: elaboration of evidence synthesis and lessons learnt

Types of interventions Interventions WHO USPSTF PrevInfad CDC NICE Others
Single interventions Vitamin D 2019 No 2009a 2018 2008 Global consensus, 2016
Vitamin K 2017 No 2010a 2018 2015 ESPGHAN, 2016
CADTH, 2015
Fluoride 2018 2014a 2011a 2001 2014 AAP, 2014
NHS, 2017
Multiple interventions SIDS AAPb AAPb 2016a AAPb 2015 AAP, 2016a
Unintentional injuriesc NA NA NA NA NA NA
Screening interventions Vision screening No 2017a 2016a 2019 2015 AAP, 2016
RCPCH, 2019
UK NSC, 2013
Pulse oximetry for CCHD screening No No No 2018 2015 AAP, 2019
AEP, 2018
RCPCH, 2019
UK NSC, 2014
IDA screening 2001 2015a 2011a 1998 No AAP, 2010
UK NSC, 2017
ASD screening 2019 2016a 2017a 2015 2013d AAP, 2015
CTFPHC, 2019
UK NSC, 2012
Language and speech delay screening No 2015a 2017e 2019d No CTFPHC, 2016e
RCPCH, 2019
  1. Abbreviations: AAP American Academy of Pediatrics, AEP Spanish Paediatric Association (Asociación Española de Pediatría), ASD Autistic spectrum disorder, CADTH Canadian Agency for Drugs and Technologies in Health, CCHD Critical congenital heart defects, CDC Centers of Disease Control and Prevention, CTFPHC Canadian Task Force on Preventive Healthcare, ESPGHAN European Society for Paediatric Gastroenterology Hepatology and Nutrition, IDA Iron deficiency anaemia, NA Not applicable, NHS National Health Service, NICE National Institute for Health and Care Excellence, RCPCH Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health, SIDS Sudden infant death syndrome, UK NSC United Kingdom National Screening Committee, USPSTF United States Preventive Services Task Force, WHO World Health Organization
  2. aThese sources include both recommendations and supporting evidence through an independent systematic review
  3. bThese institutions support and refer to the AAP recommendations for this topic
  4. cDue to the extent of this topic, a different approach was used for evidence synthesis. See corresponding article
  5. dSome information in this topic, although no clear recommendations were found
  6. eDocuments on the broader area of developmental delay