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Table 1 Premature infant pain profile

From: Comparison of facilitated tucking and oral dextrose in reducing the pain of heel stick in preterm infants: a randomized clinical trial

GA in weeks≥ 36 weeks32 to 35 weeks and days28 to 31 weeks and 6 days<  26 weeks
Open EyesOpen eyesClosed eyesClosed eyes
Facial movements presentNo facial movementsFacial movements presentNo facial movements
Maximal HR↑ 0 to 4 bpm↑ 5 to 14 bpm↑ 15 to 24 bpm↑ ≥25 bpm
Minimal Saturation↓ 0 to 2.4%↓2.5 to 4.9%↓ 5 to 7.4%↓ ≥7.5%
Frowned foreheadAbsentMinimalModerateMaximal
Eyes squeezedAbsentMinimalModerateMaximal
Nasolabial furrowAbsentMinimalModerateMaximal
  1. Absent is defined as 0 to 9% of the observation time; minimal, 10 to 39% of time; moderate 40 to 69% of the time; and maximal as 70% or more of the observation time