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Table 1 Primary and Secondary outcome measures and assessment method

From: Adolescent Interventions to Manage Self-Regulation in Type 1 Diabetes (AIMS-T1D): randomized control trial study protocol

 Assessment method
Primary outcomes
 Future orientation
  Delay discounting 5-trial taskBehavioral task
  Consideration of future consequences scaleSelf-report
  NIH toolbox self-efficacy scaleParent and self-report
 Emotion regulation
  Structured interview for disorders of extreme stress affect dysregulation scaleSelf-report
  Positive and negative affect scheduleSelf-report
  NIH toolbox perceived stress surveyParent and self-report
 Executive function
  Forward/Backward digit span taskBehavioral task
  Go-No/Go taskBehavioral task
  Behavior rating inventory of executive functioning, 2nd Ed.Parent and self-report
Secondary outcomes
 Blood glucose monitoringDiabetes device
 Insulin administration adherenceDiabetes device
 Self-care inventory revisedParent and self-report