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Table 2 Updated Amino acid-dextrose formulations

From: Standardised neonatal parenteral nutrition formulations – Australasian neonatal parenteral nutrition consensus update 2017

PNStarterStandard PretermHigh Sodium7.5% Glucose PretermPeripheral preterm34 weeks to Term
IndicationBirth to 24–48 hAfter 24–48 hHyponatraemic PretermHyperglycaemic PretermNo central lineAfter 24–48 h
Concentration per litre
 AA, g37.53030303023
 Dextrose, g10010010075100120
 Na, mmol203460343425
 K, mmol02222222220
 Ca, mmol171717173.57
 Mg, mmol1.
 P, mmol1013131334
 Cl, mmol10.112.730.712.718.728.2
 Acetate, mmol02634264016.2
 Zinc, μg327032703270327032701900
 Selenium, μg202020202020
 Iodine, μg8.
 Heparin, units500500500500500500
 Osmolarity, mosm933944996805913957
Nutrient intake when infused at 135 ml/kg/day
 AA, g
 Dextrose, g 13.513.510.113.516.2
 Na, mmol
 K, mmol
 Ca, mmol
 Mg, mmol
 P, mmol
 Cl, mmol
 Acetate, mmol
 Zinc, μg 441441441441257
 Selenium, μg
 Iodine, μg