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Table 3 Characteristics, treatment and secondary neoplasms of deceased patients

From: Survival and ocular preservation in a long-term cohort of Japanese patients with retinoblastoma

PtSexAge at diagnosis, deathObservation
OnsetInvasionaTreatment for retinoblastoma
RT /Initial sys-chemo/Enucl
Causes of deathOnset
1male21 m,37 m15 mbilateralCNS (tri.)yesbno LtNRnotrilateral disease1987
2male17 m,37 m18 mtrilateralCNS (tri.)yes byes nononotrilateral disease2014
3male0 m,24 m23 mbilateralCNS (tri.)yesno RtNRnotrilateral disease1989
4male21 m,49 m27 munilateralsystemicyes bno Ltnonosystemic disease1985
5female1 m,93 m92 mbilateralCNS (meta.)yesnoPr →RtyesnoCNS metastasis1990
6male7 m,298 m290 mbilateralCR → 2ndyesno LtnoOssecondary Os1991
  1. a Invasion means the sites affected during the advanced disease course
  2. b External beam radiotherapy for metastasis
  3. m months; meta metastasis; tri trilateral; Lt left; Rt right; Pr preservation; NR not recorded; RB retinoblastoma; CR complete remission; Os osteosarcoma; RT external beam radiotherapy