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Table 6 Frequency of Safe Sleeping program advice implemented in home environment practice

From: Infant care practices and parent uptake of safe sleep messages: a cross-sectional survey in Queensland, Australia

Red Nose: Safe sleeping messages and advicen = 3341 (%)Cumulative % following key messages
Safe Sleeping program: six ways to sleep baby safely
 Keep baby smoke free before and after birth (missing = 70)2756 (83.7)83.7
 Sleep baby on back (missing = 31)2746 (83.0)70.7
 Breastfeed baby (missing = 17)2567 (77.2)56.0
 Keep head and face uncovered (missing = 162)2148 (67.6)43.0
 Safe sleeping environment night and day (missing = 46)1106 (33.6)18.2
 Sleep baby in safe cot in parents’ room (missing = 44)1071 (32.5)12.9
Key guidelines/advice provided within the six key messages
 Sleep next to parents’ bed [i.e. in same room as parents] (missing = 35)2475 (74.9) 
 Feet to bottom of cot (missing = 222)2381 (76.3) 
 No soft surfaces or bulky bedding (missing = 40)2061 (62.4) 
 Safest place for baby to sleep is in a safe cot* [i.e. avoid unsafe sleeping places/cot should meet current standard] (missing = 36)1644 (49.7) 
  1. *when sleep place reported as cot, it is assumed it is a safe cot meeting Australian Standard AS2172