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Table 2 Serological and molecular results of HBV-infected children at screening and follow-up

From: Viral hepatitis B and C in HIV-exposed South African infants

Patient Location HBV vaccination HIV Status Screening Prospective follow-up
     HBsAg HBV DNA log 10 (IU/ml) HBsAg HBeAg Anti-HBe HBV DNA (IU/ml)
C1a CPT Yes + + 8.93 + - + UD
C2 Durban No record + + 5.17 ND ND ND ND
C3 JHB No record - + 8.45 ND ND ND ND
  1. aTherapy: D4T, 3TC & KLT (at follow-up); Anti-HBe antibody to hepatitis B e antigen, C Child, CPT Cape Town, IU/ml International Units per milliliter, HBeAg hepatitis B e antigen, HBsAg hepatitis B surface antigen, JHB Johannesburg, Negative, + Positive, ND Not done, UD Undetectable