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Table 6 Internal consistency of factors

From: Analysis of hand-forearm anthropometric components in assessing handgrip and pinch strengths of school-aged children and adolescents: a partial least squares (PLS) approach

Cronbach’s a Item Cronbach’s a if item is deleted
0.885 (M1) Hand length 0.877
a(M2) Palm length 0.894
(M5) Hand circumference 0.861
a(M7) Fist circumference 0.888
(M9) Thumb length (digit 1) 0.875
(M10) Index finger length (digit 2) 0.869
(M11) Middle finger length (digit 3) 0.866
a(M14) Hand depth 0.891
(M15) Wrist circumference 0.875
(M16) Forearm Length 0.862
(M17) Forearm Circumference 0.879
  1. aCronbach’s 훼 increases if item is deleted
  2. Bold values indicate 0.7≤Cronbach’s α<0.9