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Table 1 Coding of toothbrush wear and bite marks on the toothbrushes

From: Toothbrush deterioration and parents’ suggestions to improve the design of toothbrushes used by children with special care needs

Coding Degree Toothbrush wear (Conforti et al.,2003 [14]) Distribution of bite marks
0 No No visible signs of wear Absence of bite marks
1 Light Inner tufts are intact; outer tufts begin to splay Presence of blurred marks
2 Medium Inner tufts begin to splay; outer tufts splayed beyond the base of the toothbrush Localized distinct marks
3 Heavy Inner and outer tufts are splayed Generalized distinct marks
4 Extreme All the tufts are splayed whereby no distinction can be made Distinct marks distributed on the entire surface; the contour of the toothbrush head is significantly distorted