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Table 1 General characteristics of children ages 5–12 years

From: Prevalence and risk factors of nocturnal enuresis among children ages 5–12 years in Xi’an, China: a cross-sectional study

Factors Total numberNEnon-NEPrevalence(%)χ2P
Age 7.21 ± 1.998.05 ± 2.08−6.413< 0.001*
GenderMale340916932404.9617.356< 0.001
Educational level of fatherPrimary school194141807.220.4050.525**
Junior high school17616516963.69
High school14545813963.99
Junior college15386214764.03
Bachelor degree13485512934.08
Postgraduate and above27382652.93
Educational level of motherPrimary school238162226.720.0850.770**
Junior high school18266617603.61
High school14635814053.96
Junior college16216415573.95
Bachelor degree12545312014.23
Postgraduate and above16651613.01
Mother’s age at delivery< 20 years old635587.940.7320.392**
20–29 years old495718647713.75
30–39 years old15097014394.64
≥40 years old391382.56
  1. Note: NE = nocturnal enuresis. Age is mean ± SD. * P value for Two Independent Sample T test, ** P value for Chi-squared test for trend, and other P value for Chi-squared test