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Table 3 Cotinine levels according to characteristics related to smoke habits

From: Prevalence of urinary cotinine levels in children under 5 years of age during consultations for acute respiratory disease at the emergency department of the Universidad de La Sabana clinic

 Cotinine Levels 
PositiveNegativep value
Smokers in the house
 Yes41 (45.05)29 (16.38)< 0.001
 No50 (54.95)148 (83.62) 
Place of smoking
 Inside the home23 (56.1)8 (27.59)0.018
 Outside the home18 (43.9)21 (72.4) 
Smoking in the presence of the children
 Yes10 (24.39)2 (6.9)0.105
 No31 (75.61)27 (93.1) 
Activities after smoking
 Yesa25 (60.98)16 (55.17)0.627
 No16 (39.02)13 (44.83) 
  1. a Hand washing, Change of clothes, Eating, Brushing teeth