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Table 3 The ROC curve analysis results of GGT and LSM

From: Combination of gamma-glutamyl transferase and liver stiffness measurement for biliary atresia screening at different ages: a retrospective analysis of 282 infants

  AUCYouden index95% CICut-off valuesensitivityspecificityPPVNPV
All patientsGGT, U/L0.9140.7390.881–0.947192.50.8890.8500.8450.893
LSM, kPa0.7710.4340.715–0.8259.50.7330.7010.6920.741
Group A (≤60d)GGT, U/L0.9190.8120.861–0.977191.20.8920.9200.9430.852
LSM, kPa0.7610.4580.671–0.8507.50.8780.5800.7560.763
Group B (61-90d)GGT, U/L0.9210.6660.877–0.966213.20.8520.8140.7970.892
LSM, kPa0.8650.6460.798–0.93210.00.8890.7570.7380.898
Group C (91-120d)GGT, U/L0.9630.9260.903–1.000281.51.0000.9260.7781.000
LSM, kPa0.9050.7410.800–1.00011.01.0000.7410.6361.000
  1. CI Confidence interval, PPV Positive predictive value, NPV Negative predictive value, LSM Liver stiffness measurement, GGT Gamma-glutamyl transferase, ROC The receiver operating characteristic, AUC The area under the ROC curve