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Table 2 Summary of resource consumption

From: A cost-of-illness analysis of β-Thalassaemia major in children in Sri Lanka – experience from a tertiary level teaching hospital

ResourceMeasureSource of dataValuation
Blood transfusion
- StaffTime spentAccounting departmentSalary
- Transfusion consumablesNumber and types of transfusionPatient records
Pharmacy department
Blood bank
Price per item
Drug therapy
- ICTDose and frequencyPatient recordsPrice per item
- Concomitant medication Pharmacy department
Clinic and outpatient
- StaffNumber of typePatient recordsSalary
- Equipment Clinician interviewsCost per test
OverheadsNumber of items of shared servicesAccounting departmentPrice per item
Household costs
- Transport and foodExpenditure per visitStructured interviewsSelf-reported