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Table 1 Delivery and Maternal Characteristics in the Study and Control Groups

From: Risk factors for readmission for phototherapy due to jaundice in healthy newborns: a retrospective, observational study

Control Group
(N = 100)
Study Group
(N = 100)
p Value
Maternal age, mean (SD)33.1(4.9)33.4(4.3)0.66
Parity, median (Q1, Q3)2.0(1.0, 3.0)2.0(1.0, 3.0)0.53
Gravidity, median (Q1, Q3)1.5(1.0, 2.0)2.0(1.0, 3.0)0.24
Gestational diabetes mellitus17(17%)11(11%)0.22
Meconium-stained amniotic fluid12(12%)10(10%)0.65
Group B streptococcus5(5%)8(8%)0.39
Multiple gestations2(2%)1(1%)0.56
Mode of delivery    0.003
 Caesarean18(18%)3(3%)<  0.001
Rupture of membranes19(19%)15(15%)0.45
Positive Coombs23(23%)1(1%)<  0.001
  1. aOther - RH factor, in-vitro fertilization, use of selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitors or pre-eclampsia, NS non-significant, Data are expressed as n (%),