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Table 4 Background characteristics of participants and respondents related to discrepancy (continued)

From: Factors related to disagreement between self-reported versus objective measurement of allergen sensitization at a tertiary pediatric center in Beijing, China

FactorsTotalWith discrepancyWithout discrepancyUnivariateMultivariate
n%n%OR (95%CI)POR (95%CI)P
Gender of respondentsMale451323.23220.11.12 (0.58–1.49)0.63
Age of respondents (yrs)20–30672428.24333.1Ref
30–40902225.96852.32.90 (1.95–3.34)< 0.0012.75 (1.48–3.63)< 0.001
40 and above583945.91914.63.33 (2.05–3.95)< 0.0012.89 (1.34–3.73)< 0.001
Educational status of respondentsMedium and high764544.63127.22.15 (1.22–3.80)0.008Ref< 0.001
Low1395655.48372.82.08 (0.41–3.16)
Relationship with childParents1543242.712287.11.21 (1.06–1.22)< 0.001Ref< 0.001
Other caregivers614357.31812.91.16 (1.04–1.33)
  1. Note: Education was categorized as low (received only primary education or no education), medium (finished secondary school or high school) and high (graduated from college or university)