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Table 3 Multivariable regression* for factors associated with mortality (in-hospital, early post-discharge and total) from severe malnutrition (SAM) in children admitted to Minia University Maternity and Children Hospital, January to December 2018

From: Survival status and mortality predictors among severely malnourished under 5 years of age children admitted to Minia University maternity and children hospital

 Cases/Total (n)HR/OR (95%CI)**
Total SAM deaths20/135 
 6–12 m16/981.57 (1.10–2.99)
  > 12 m4/37Reference
 Not < −3SD4/75Reference
  < − 3SD16/604.79 (2.23–6.10)
 Non-edematous malnutrition3/45Reference
 Edematous malnutrition17/902.99 (1.16–4.66)
Co-morbidity/complication at admission
 No complications4/66Reference
 Complicated***16/693.44 (1.07–9.86)
In-hospital SAM deaths13/135 
 6–12 m11/982.64 (1.22–6.43)
  > 12 m2/37Reference
 Not < −3SD2/75Reference
  < −3SD11/608.10 (2.16–11.67)
 Non-edematous malnutrition2/45Reference
 Edematous malnutrition11/903.04 (1.70–6.06)
Co-morbidity/complication at admission
 No complications3/66Reference
 Complicated***10/693.71 (1.59–6.78)
Early post-discharge SAM deaths7/104 
Mother’s education
 Illiterate4/207.10 (1.18–31.98)
  1. *The logistic regression analysis was used for in-hospital SAM deaths and the Cox regression analysis was used for total and post-discharge SAM deaths
  2. **For both the logistic and Cox regressions, the stepwise multivariable models included age, sex, residence, socioeconomic status, mother’s education, WAZ, WHZ, edema and comorbidity/complication at admission
  3. ***SAM complicated with one or more of the following comorbidities dehydration, bronchopneumonia, sepsis and others