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Table 3 Frequency distribution of Knowledge and practice of mother/caregiver in Kamashi district, West Ethiopia, 2018(n = 717)

From: Prevalence and associated factors of acute diarrhea among under-five children in Kamashi district, western Ethiopia: community-based study

VariablesCategoryFrequency (%)
Knowledge of diarrhea prevention and transmission mechanismYes530 (74)
No187 (26)
Knowledge about homemade treatment for diarrheaNo633 (88.3)
Yes84 (11.7)
Hand washing practice at a critical time of hand washingYes319 (44.4)
No398 (55.6)
Starting supplementary food to the childBefore 6 months25 (3.5)
After 6 months692 (96.5)
Rota vaccine status of the childYes703 (98.0)
No14 (2)
Measles vaccination status of the childYes637 (88.8)
No80 (11.2)
Water storage at home“Jerrican”709 (98.9)
Pot8 (1.1)