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Table 4 Bivariate analysis of continuous variables associated with the AUDIT score

From: Validation of the AUDIT scale and factors associated with alcohol use disorder in adolescents: results of a National Lebanese Study

 Correlation coefficientP -value
Age− 0.0100.683
Liebowitz- fear score0.164< 0.001
Liebowitz- avoidance score0.090< 0.001
Bullying/victimization score0.381< 0.001
Waterpipe dependence (LWDS score)0.422< 0.001
Cigarette dependence (FTND score)0.499< 0.001
Internet addiction0.318< 0.001
House crowding index0.0840.001
Physical activity score−0.0110.656
Psychological abuse scale0.479< 0.001
Child abuse neglect scale0.1120.006
Child abuse physical scale0.440< 0.001
Child abuse sexual scale0.406< 0.001