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Table 2 Association between log transformed cortisol (pg/mg) and sleep latency, sleep duration, sleep efficiency and physical activity before and after adjusting for sex, age and BMI z - scores

From: Associations between objective measures of physical activity, sleep and stress levels among preschool children

R2Β95% CIp valueR2β95% CIp value
Sleep latency (min)0.0380.015(−0.00, 0.035)0.130.1880.0084(−0.011, 0.028)0.40
Sleep duration (hours)< 0.001−0.0016(−0.34, 0.34)0.990.1790.055(−0.27, 0.38)0.74
Sleep efficiency (%)a0.030−3.1(−7.7, 1.5)0.180.179−0.60(−5.3, 4.1)0.80
Physical activity (100 CPM)b0.0330.014(−0.008, 0.036)0.220.1780.013(−0.009, 0.035)0.22
  1. a: percentage of minutes scored as sleep during the down time interval; b Counts per minute