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Table 1 Descriptive characteristics of including studies

From: Diagnostic test accuracy of new generation tympanic thermometry in children under different cutoffs: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Studies Year Country Setting Age Tympanic thermometer Reference standard
Mogensen et al [13] 2018 Denmark pediatric emergency department 0-18y Braun Welch Allyn Pro 4000 Thermoscan Rectal
Paramita et al [33] 2017 Indonesia Pediatric outpatient clinic/ pediatric emergency department/ inpatient pediatrics ward 6 m-5y OMRON Gentle Temp 510 Rectal
Chatproedprai et al [3] 2016 Thailand Pediatric outpatient clinic 0-2y Microlife IR1DE1–1 Rectal
Acikgoz et al [30] 2016 Turkey pediatric emergency department 3 m-3y Genius™ 2 Rectal
Allegaert et al [5] 2014 Belgium Pediatric wards 2 m-17y Genius™ 2 Rectal
Teller et al [34] 2014 Swizerland Pediatric practice 1 m-2y Braun Thermoscan 6022™ Rectal
Hamilton et al [15] 2014 America The emergency department and the overflow patient treatment areas 0-18y Braun Welch Allyn Pro 4000 Thermoscan Rectal
Batra et al [29] 2013 India The pediatric emergency room 2-12y Equinox infrared ear thermometer (EQ. ET 99) Rectal
Duru et al. [31] 2012 Nigeria The neonatal wards 6.63 ± 6.98d Braun IRT 4520 Thermoscan Rectal
Edelu et al [35] 2011 Nigeria Pediatric outpatient clinic/ pediatric emergency department 0-5y OMRON instant ear thermometer model MC-509 N Rectal
Paes et al [8] 2010 Netherlands The pediatric ward 0-18y The FirstTemp Genius tympanic thermometer 3000A Rectal
Oyakhirome et al [32] 2010 Gabon The outpatient department 0-10y Braun 6022 Thermoscan Rectal