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Table 2 Characteristics of participants

From: Understanding factors that contribute to variations in bronchiolitis management in acute care settings: a qualitative study in Australia and New Zealand using the Theoretical Domains Framework

HospitalCountryLevel1Area2Local bronchiolitis guidelineSenior Medical Officer3Resident Medical OfficerSenior registered nurse4Registered nurseTotal
1New ZealandMetroPaediatric EDYes111 3
1New ZealandMetroPaediatric inpatient wardYes1  23
2New ZealandRegionalMixed adult/paediatric EDNo511 13
2New ZealandRegionalPaediatric inpatient wardNo53  25
 New Zealand n = 14
3AustraliaMetroPaediatric EDYes1  12
3AustraliaMetroPaediatric inpatient wardYes2 1 3
4AustraliaRegionalMixed adult/paediatric EDNo5    0
4AustraliaRegionalPaediatric inpatient wardNo51   1
 Australia n = 6
   TOTAL 1022620
  1. 1Level – Metropolitan/major city (metro) or Regional
  2. 2Area – Paediatric inpatient ward or Emergency Department (ED) (paediatric ED OR mixed adult and paediatric ED)
  3. 3Senior Medical Officer – Consultant Paediatrician or Emergency Physician (> 10 years post graduate experience)
  4. 4Senior registered nurse – nurse working in senior nursing position (> 10 years post graduate experience)
  5. 5Use local tertiary hospital’s guideline