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Table 3 HCPs Practices Regarding Adolescents Counseling and Other Care Provision (n = 28)

From: Experiences and training needs of healthcare providers involved in the care of Ghanaian adolescents living with HIV: an interventional study

ParameterFrequency, n (%)
How often do you seek the consent of adolescents in all care related activities?
 Always10 (35.7)
 Most of the times4 (14.3)
 Sometimes10 (35.7)
 Never4 (14.3)
How often do you seek the consent of adolescents if personal health information is to be disclosed outside the health care team?
 Always8 (28.6)
 Most of the times4 (14.3)
 Sometimes9 (32.1)
 Never7 (25.0)
Who have you ever shared an adolescents’ health information with?
 Other health care team members10 (35.7)
 Parents/guardians6 (21.4)
 School teacher0 (0.0)
 I have never12 (42.9)
How often do you discuss ALHIV information with colleague HWCs?
 Always1 (3.5)
 Most of the times2 (7.1)
 Sometimes16 (57.1)
 Never9 (32.1)
Does the adolescent have the right to make healthy choices for him/herself?
 Yes24 (85.7)
 No1 (3.5)
 I do not know3 (10.7)
Will you deny the adolescent of a service that is his/her health choice, if you think such a healthy choice will harm him/her?
 Yes17 (60.6)
 No2 (7.1)
 Not sure9 (32.1)
Do you inform adolescents of their diagnosis, the treatment process, and prognosis in the presence of their guardians?
 Always5 (17.9)
 Most of the times6 (21.4)
 Sometimes11 (39.2)
 Never6 (21.4)
How often do you ask about the psycho-social needs of ALHIV that you see during clinic hours?
 Always5 (17.9)
 Most of the times9 (32.1)
 Sometimes9 (32.1)
 Rarely5 (17.9)
How often do you carry out health education for adolescent clients?
 First time I meet an adolescent client1 (3.5)
 Every time I meet adolescent clients10 (35.7)
 Occasionally, depending on their needs10 (35.7)
 Occasionally depending on the workload at the clinic4 (14.3)
 Rarely3 (10.7)
Does your facility have protocol/guidelines for general adolescent counseling?
 Yes13 (46.4)
 No7 (25.0)
 I do not know8 (28.6)
Are the available counseling guidelines in your facility clear or specific on how to counsel an ALHIV?
 Yes4 (14.3)
 No13 (46.4)
 I do not know11 (39.2)