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Table 3 Average marginal effects of SNAP benefit week on probability of ER claims for childhood injuries overall and by length of time on SNAP

From: Childhood injuries and food stamp benefits: an examination of administrative data in one US state

VariableTotal SampleLength on SNAP
New UsersOld Users
Benefit Week 2−0.0022−0.0052**− 0.0008
Benefit Week 30.00280.00060.0023
Benefit Week 40.0036**−0.00010.0051*
  1. *** p < 0.01, ** p < 0.05, * p < 0.1
  2. Source: Authors’ analysis of data from Missouri Department of Social Services. N=. 1,288,552
  3. Notes: Results are from probit regression models controlling for SNAP benefit amount, race/ethnicity, sex, age, household size, and year of ER visit. Average marginal effects with standard errors in parentheses and p-values in brackets. Standard errors clustered at the individual level. We ran a test to compare the statistical difference of the reported effects and compared column (1) with column (2). We did not find any statistical significance difference