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Table 3 Clinical Characteristics. SCD-related clinical characteristics for patients: Children of parent participants (Group 1) and adolescent patient participants (Group 2) patients are both included here. Patients who were a part of a dyad are only represented once

From: Patient and family experience with chronic transfusion therapy for sickle cell disease: A qualitative study

Patient Characteristics (n = 18)
Genotype, n (%)
 HbSS or HbS-β0 thalassemia18 (100)
Transfusion Type, n (%)
 Simple11 (61.1)
 Erythracytapheresis5 (27.8)
 Partial manual exchange2 (11.1)
Duration of CTT, median years (IQR)6.8 (4.3–9.8)
Indication for CTT, n (%)
 Abnormal TCD5 (27.8)
 Overt or silent stroke12 (66.6)
 Splenic sequestration1 (5.6)
Chelation type, n (%)
 None3 (16.7)
 Deferasirox15 (83.3)
Taking hydroxyurea, n (%)3 (16.7)
Current or prior CTT-related complications, n (%)
 Iron overload17 (94.4)
 Red cell antibodies9 (50.0)
 Port complications3 (16.7)
 Renal complications2 (11.1)