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Table 1 Overview of data and sample collection in the ARIES birth cohort

From: Early origins of allergy and asthma (ARIES): study protocol for a prospective prenatal birth cohort in Chile

8–20 and
24–30 weeks
Delivery8–42 weeksPre-discharge3 months Post-partum6 months Post-partum1 and 2 years1 and 2 years
Medical history and anthropometryXXXXXXXX
Medicines usedXXXXXXXX
Physical examX  X  XX
Allergy questionnairesX X   XX
Lifestyle habits questionnairesX X   XX
Depression/stress scalesX   XX  
Blood samplesXXX   XX
Hair sample X X    
Cord blood samples X      
Saliva sampleX     XX
Stool microbiota sampleX  X  XX
Breastmilk microbiota sample X      
Skin microbiota sampleX  X  XX
Vaginal microbiota sampleX       
Placenta samples X      
Oral microbiota sample   X  XX
Nasal microbiota sample   X  XX
Indoor air quality measurementsX   X   
Indoor house dust samplesX   X