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Table 1 The patient’s routine inspections results during hospitalization

From: Eosinophilic colitis in a boy with a novel XIAP mutation: a case report

Haematological values
(normal value)
Feces Examination
(normal value)
Immunological test
(normal value)
CRP:26 mg/L(0-10 mg/L)
Hb:73 g/L(110-160 g/L)
Eosinophil count:0.78 × 10^9/L(0.05–0.5 × 10^9/L)
Pyocyte: +++/HP
IgG10.6 g/L (5.09–10.09 g/L)
IgM0.677 g/L(0.98–1.78 g/L)
IgA0.861 g/L (0.31–0.67 g/L)
PCT:1.69 ng/ml(<0.05 ng/mL)
Serum ferritin 375.3 ng/ml(11–306.8 ng/mL)
Fecal calprotectin:1295.5μg/g
NK cells 4.05% (6–27%)
Serum biochemistrytargets:
AST 63 U/L(5-40 U/L);
LDH 449 U/L(80-285 U/L);
TRIG 1.91 mmol/L(0.56–1.69 mmol/L);
HDL 0.65 mmol/L(0.78–2.0 mmol/L)
Clostridium difficile glutamic dehydrogenase antigen: positive
Clostridium difficile toxin: negative
Anti-nuclear antibody IgG: weakly positive;
IBD antibody: anti-intestinal goblet cell antibody weakly positive;
Anti-neutrophil cytoplasmic antibody perinuclear type: weakly positive
Four items of anemia screening: erythrocyte folic acid 2120.2 nmol/L (317–1894 nmol/L); plasma erythropoietin 27.89 IU/L
(2.59–18.5 IU/L)
Fecal bacterial culture:negative 
EBV-IgG:positive; EB-DNA:< 5.0E+ 2 copies/ml(< 5.0E+ 2 copies/ml)
CMV-DNA:< 5.0E+ 2 copies/ml(< 5.0E+ 2 copies/ml)
Parasite set:negative
Blood bacterial culture:negative
  1. CRP C reactive protein; Hb Hemoglobin; PCT Procalcitonin; AST Aspartate transaminase;
  2. LDH Lactatedehydrogenase; TRIG Triglyceride; HDL Highdensitylipoprotein; EBV Epstein–Barr virus; CMV Cytomegalovirus; RBC Red blood cell; IgG immunoglobin G; IgM Immunoglobin M; IgA Immunoglobin A; NK cells Natural killer cells; IBD Inflammatory bowel disease