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Table 3 Results for univariate and multivariate linear regression models with the duration of exclusive breastfeeding during the first 12 months after birth as the outcome

From: Longer shared parental leave is associated with longer duration of breastfeeding: a cross-sectional study among Swedish mothers and their partners

 Univariate regressionMultiple regressiona
VariablesR SquareAdjusted R SquareBeta-coefficientpBeta-coefficientp
Mother’s level of education (low/high)0.0200.0182.145< 0.0011.7230.004
Mother’s age0.0110.0100.1710.0030.0600.391
Gestational age0.0060.0040.3410.0340.2990.089
Previous children0.0210.0192.152< 0.0011.8260.002
Pregnancy, single versus multiple0.0130.012−11.0340.001−10.0220.045
Mode of birth/start of delivery (spontaneous versus other)0.0270.025−2.870< 0.001− 2.0010.006
Haemorrhage in connection with delivery0.0080.007−2.6340.011− 1.6390.133
Mode of birth/end of delivery (normal versus instrumental/ caesarean)0.0230.022−2.962< 0.001− 1.9190.011
The mother’s used and planned use of parental leave for the first 24 months0.0050.0040.0320.038
Total used and planned use of parental leave for the first 24 months0.0070.0060.0300.0160.0380.003
  1. aModel summary R2 = 0.094 Adjusted R2 = 0.082