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Table 4 Clinical diagnosis and distribution of GBS serotypes in 84 infants in the two age groups

From: Etiological serotype and genotype distributions and clinical characteristics of group B streptococcus-inducing invasive disease among infants in South China

GroupDiagnosisIaIbIIIIIVχ2 valueP
GBS EODPneumonia76322210.5100.511*
GBS LODPneumonia34090
GBS EODSepsis6221819.0280.671*
GBS LODSepsis240190
GBS EODMeningitis1201019.4330.040*
GBS LODMeningitis010200
GBS EODComplicationsa0409015.6330.136*
GBS LODComplicationsa20030
 Total GBS EOD131355639.0950.059*
 Total GBS LOD8100450
  1. a including pneumorrhagia, shock, and disseminated intravascular coagulation
  2. * Fisher’s exact test