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Table 2 Verification of measurement invariance of measurement variables

From: Actor and partner effects of parenting stress and co-parenting on marital conflict among parents of children with atopic dermatitis

Parenting stress
 Model 1Unconstrained model233.5976.88.92.06
 Model 2Measurement weights constrain268.9088.89.90.06
 Model 3Measurement residual constrain217.6069.87.92.07
 Model 4Measurement weights and residual constrain249.1881.88.91.06
 Model 1Unconstrained model229.3276.88.92.05
 Model 2Measurement weights constrain263.5488.89.91.05
 Model 3Measurement residual constrain190.2469.91.93.04
 Model 4Measurement weights and residual constrain242.2181.90.92.05
Marital conflict
 Model 1Unconstrained model216.30103.93.94.04
 Model 2Measurement weights constrain323.95117.89.89.05
 Model 3Measurement residual constrain188.9595.94.95.03
 Model 4Measurement weights and residual constrain291.82109.90.91.05
  1. df degrees of freedom TLI Tucker-Lewis Index, CFI Comparative Fit Index, RMSEA Root Mean Squared Error of Approximation