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Table 3 Type and number of interventions performed at each GMFCS-level during childhood

From: Change in popliteal angle and hamstrings spasticity during childhood in ambulant children with spastic bilateral cerebral palsy. A register-based cohort study

 nTotal number of surgeries In lower extremities. n (%)Hamstrings tenotomy n (%)BTX lower extr. n (%)BTX Hamstring n (%)SDR/ITB n (%)BTX/Surgery/ITB/SDR n (%)
GMFCS I19822 (11.8%)5 (2.7%)81 (43.6%)24 (12.9%)0/086 (43.4%)
GMFCS II11635 (30.2%)7 (6.0%)77 (66.4%)25 (21.6%)3/0 (2.6%/0%)81 (69.8%)
GMFCS III10544 (41.9%)17 (16.2%)66 (62.9%)37 (35.2%)9/2 (8.6%/1.9%)76 (72.4%)
Total419101 (24.1%)29 (6.9%)224 (53.5%)86 (20.5%)12/2 (2.9%/0.5%)243 (58%)
  1. GMFCS: gross motor function classification system, Extr.: extremities, SDR: selective dorsal rhizotomy, ITB: intrathecal baclofen. The (%) is calculated from the number children at each GMFCS level
  2. An intervention is only registered once pr child, however, one child may have had more than one type of intervention/surgery