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Table 2 Association between EPCs and PAH by multivariate logistic regression models

From: The relationship between endothelial progenitor cells and pulmonary arterial hypertension in children with congenital heart disease

EPCs, μL LevelsPAH (20-25 mmHg) Odds Ratio(95%CI)PAH(> 25 mmHg) Odds Ratio(95%CI)
UnadjustedAge and gender adjustedMultivariate adjusted+UnadjustedAge and gender adjustedMultivariate adjusted+
> 1.000.99 (0.41–2.38)0.95(0.39–2.31)0.95(0.39–2.33)0.42(0.19–0.95) *0.38(0.17–0.87) *0.37(0.16–0.87) *
  1. *Compared with EPCs≤1.00: P < 0.05; +Adjusted: gender, age, and BMI