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Table 3 Incidence of neonatal mortality among study participants in selected hospitals of Gamo and Gofa Zones, Southern Ethiopia, 2018/9 (n = 6769)

From: Neonatal mortality and its determinates in public hospitals of Gamo and Gofa zones, southern Ethiopia: prospective follow up study

Name Hospitaln(%) of NMTotal number of live birthsNMIRa
with 95%CI per 1000 live births
AMGH42 (64.6)4455 (65.8)9.4 (6.9,12.7)
CPH8 (12.3)794 (11.7)10.1 (5.0,20.0)
SGH15 (23.1)1520 (22.5)9.9 (5.9,16.3)
Overall65 (100)6769 (100)9.6 (7.5,12.2)
  1. aNeonatal mortality incidence ratio.