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Table 5 Comparison between closure type for Gastroschisis

From: Differences in attitudes to feeding post repair of Gastroschisis and development of a standardized feeding protocol

Type of ClosureGA (weeks)BW (gm)Length of Stay (Days)TPN (Days)CVL (Days)Start feeds post-op (Days to)Achieve full feeds (Days)First suck feed post-op (Days to)Achieve full suck feeds (Days to)
Primary repairMedian36235520.0518183.517159
Std. Deviation1.687635.0410.839.388.871.758.465.387.67
Staged SiloMedian36230054312813162314
Std. Deviation1.82704.1962.4335.515.1612.6313.3613.169.12
  1. *One infant returned to birth hospital before suck feeds established