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Table 1 Behaviors assessed by ABQ as possible markers of abdominal discomfort in individuals with ASD

From: Vocal and motor behaviors as a possible expression of gastrointestinal problems in preschoolers with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Frequent clearing of throatFacial grimacingSleep disturbances (difficulty getting to sleep, difficulty staying asleep)
Swallowing and/or ticsGritting teethIncreased irritability (exaggerated responses to stimuli)
ScreamingWincingNon-compliance with demands that typically elicit an appropriate response
Sobbing for no reason at allConstant eating/drinking/swallowing 
Sighing and/or whiningMouthing behaviors as chewing on clothes, pica 
Moaning and/or groaningApplication of pressure to abdomen 
Delayed echolalia that includes reference to pain or stomach and direct verbalizations about itTapping behaviors 
 Any unusual posturing 
 Agitation as jumping up and down 
 Unexplained increase in repetitive behaviors 
 Self-injurious behaviors 
 Aggressive behaviors: onset of or increase 
  1. Abbreviations: VB Verbal behaviors, MB Motor behaviors, C Changes in overall state