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Table 3 Prognostic value of time independent assessment of repeated perioperative NT-proBNP on prolonged ICU stay

From: Prognostic value of perioperative NT-proBNP after corrective surgery for pediatric congenital heart defects

VariablesEstimateSEORa95% CIp
Method Parallel cross-sectional logistic regression models
 Before surgery0.170.0941.190.99 to 1.430.070
 1h after surgery0.0830.101.090.89 to 1.340.42
 12h after surgery0.0860.181.090.77 to 1.570.64
 36h after surgery0. to 1.810.16
  1. SE standard error, OR odds ratio, CI confidence interval. a-Models adjusted for age, gender, weight, cardiopulmonary bypass time, aorta cross clamp time, and RACHS-1 score