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Table 1 Clinical characteristics of children undergoing congenital heart disease surgery

From: Prognostic value of perioperative NT-proBNP after corrective surgery for pediatric congenital heart defects

CharacteristicsICU stay <=3 days
Type of congenital heart disease
 Ventricular septal defect163(49.59)
 Atrial septal defect34(10.47)
 Total anomalous pulmonary venous connection12(3.58)
 Tetralogy of Fallot24(7.44)
 Transposition of the great arteries23(6.89)
 Pulmonary atresia18(5.51)
 Complete atrioventricular septal defect14(4.13)
 Double outlet right ventricle5(1.65)
 Interrupted aortic arch2(0.55)
 Pulmonary stenosis5(1.38)
 Other types of CHD14(4.13)
NT-proBNP level, pg/ml
 Before surgery2744.28±5158.85
 1h after surgery2564.19±4363.56
 12h after surgery6797.01±6260.35
 36h after surgery4727.21±4321.34
RACHS-1 score
Age, d416.93±753.44
Weight, kg7.05±5.39
Cardiopulmonary bypass time, min84.87±45.47
Aortic crossclamp time, min43.66±26.26
  1. Categorical data are showed as n (%) responding group respectively. Continuous variables are showed as mean ± standard deviation. ICU Intensive Care Unit, RACHS-1 Risk Adjustment for Congenital Heart Surgery-1