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Table 3 Intervention effects on overweight

From: Impact of the intervention program “JolinchenKids – fit and healthy in daycare” on energy balance related-behaviors: results of a cluster controlled trial

CharacteristicsAssessment periodTime difference
ORa (95% CIb)c
Group difference
OR (95% CI)c
Group-by-time interaction
OR (95% CI)c
 BaselineFollow-UpRef.: BaselineRef.: ControlRef.: Control*Baseline
Overweight/ obese%%   
Intervention5.79.01.38 (0.79; 2.41)1.45 (0.65; 3.23)1.26 (0.66; 2.40)
  1. Note: a Odds Ratio, b Confidence interval, c Adjusted for age, gender, and migration background of the children, education and income of the parents, and urbanity