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Table 3 Odds-ratios for the different determinants of EBF practice

From: Prevalence of exclusive breastfeeding practice in the first six months of life and its determinants in Iran: a systematic review and meta-analysis

VariablesNumber of studiesOdds ratio (95% CI)I2P-Value
Education concerning breastfeeding received before pregnancy61.13 (0.94–1.36)0%0.93
Mother’s job61.01 (0.81–1.27)0%0.60
Education level61.12 (0.89–1.42)25.2%0.24
Type of delivery51.16 (0.98–1.37)21.1%0.28
Gender of child41.03 (0.83–1.28)39.1%0.17
Birth weight31.15 (0.86–1.55)0%0.43
Mother with history of diseases (Diabetes, hypertension, …)20.94 (0.58–1.52)0%0.96
Location of delivery21.32 (0.56–3.11)78.8%0.03