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Table 1 Characteristic of included studies

From: Serotype distribution and antimicrobial resistance of Streptococcus pneumoniae causing invasive diseases in China: a meta-analysis

AuthorStudy locationDistrictStudy periodPublication yearAge groupTotal strainsPositive strainsSerotyping method
Xue L et al. [19]11 centersnational2006–20082010< 14 years171171Quellung reaction
Ma X et al. [20]Shenzhensouth2009–20122013< 14 years8787Quellung reaction
Liu C et al. [21]Shenyangnorth2009–20112013< 5 years6161Quellung reaction
Ding Y et al. [22]Suzhousouth2011–20132015< 14 years7979MPCR
Kang L et al. [23]Chongqingsouth2010–20132016< 11 years5151MPCR
Liu C et al. [24]15 centersnational2005–20082010< 11 years14881Quellung reaction
Xu F et al. [25]Nnajingsouth2007–20102012< 14 years4848Quellung reaction
Lu C et al. [26]Shenzhensouth2010–20132015< 14 years7474Quellung reaction
Zhou K et al. [27]Nanjingsouth2009–20132015< 14 years5151Quellung reaction
Song X et al. [28]Taizhousouth2010–20142015< 5 years322322Quellung reaction
Wang Y et al. [29]Hebeinorth20142016< 8 years4343MPCR
Lyu S et al. [30]Beijingnorth2013–20142016< 14 years2121Quellung reaction
Liu Y et al. [31]8 centersnational2005–20062008< 5 years45131Quellung reaction
Dong F et al. [32]Beijingnorth2013–20142016< 14 years19521Quellung reaction
Li J et al. [33]Beijingnorth2012–20142016< 14 years2121Quellung reaction
Miao D et al. [34]Nanjingsouth2007–20112016< 14 years32356MPCR
  1. MPCR multiple polymerase chain reaction