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Table 1 Clinical predictor variables

From: Early prediction of spontaneous Patent Ductus Arteriosus (PDA) closure and PDA-associated outcomes: a prospective cohort investigation

Patient Demographics Antenatal Risk Factors Early Postnatal Illness Severity Diagnoses in Early Postnatal Perioda Medications (by date, doseb, route) Physiologic Measures (date)
Birth GA
Birth weight z-score for GA
Transported from outside birth hospital
Singleton or multiple gestation
Social status (BSMSS)
Maternal corticosteroid administration
Maternal magnesium sulfate administration
Clinical and histological chorioamnionitis
Apgar scores
Score for Neonatal Acute Physiology (SNAPPE-II) variables [72]
Variables from NRN Extremely Preterm Outcomes Prediction Tool [73, 74]
IVH Grade 3 or 4 (only included in models after routine ultrasound at 7 postnatal days)
Necrotizing enterocolitis
Spontaneous intestinal perforation
Inhaled corticosteroids
Surfactant treatment
Vitamin A
Total daily fluid intakeb
Daily respiratory support modality
Mean daily FiO2
Oxygen saturation index
Mean arterial blood pressureb
Daily urine outputb
  1. a Will only include diagnoses in models that were present prior to model specific week during postnatal weeks 1 to 4
  2. b Will weight adjust by kg
  3. GA gestational age, BSMSS Barratt Simplified Measure of Social Status, IVH intraventricular hemorrhage