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Table 1 Reported cases in the literature of DVT, IVCA and atrophic kidney compatible with KILT-syndrome

From: Thrombophlebitis hiding under a KILT – case report on 40 years long-term follow-up of neonatal renal vein thrombosis

Author, year of publishing [Ref.] Sex/ Age Presentation Affected kidney Imaging Laboratory workup Therapy Follow up duration, outcome
Glerup 1994 [25] M/18 DVT Right Cavography, US NH, TRO AC Not reported
Salgado 1998 [26] M/49 Recurrent DVT, failure to advance catheter Right US, Venography, MRI, CT TRO AC Not reported
Timmers 1999 [27] M/37 DVT, mediastinal mass in chest X-ray, no precipitating factors Right US, Chest X-ray, CT, MRI TRO UFH, OAC, ES No recurrence, time unknown
Tsuji 2001 [28] M/21 DVT Right US, CT TRO UFH, Urokinase, Warfarin, Aspirin, ES Not reported
Chee 2001 [10] F/26 DVT, no precipitating factors Left US, CT TRO AC lifelong 22 months, no recurrence
Van Veen 2002 [13] F/16 Bilateral DVT, no precipitating factors Left CT NH Not reported Not reported
Gayer 2003 [17] M/46 Recurrent unilateral DVT Right CT Not reported Not reported Not reported
Iqbal 2008 [22] M/54 Abdominal pain, swelling over right flank, DVT Left US, CT Not reported LMWH, warfarin Not reported
Lawless 2012 [23] M/50 intracranial hemorrhage, DVT, failure to advance catheter Left US, MRI Not reported Attempted IVC Filter; no AC due to hemorrhage Not reported
Bami 2015 [20] M/14 Left leg pain, DVT, no precipitating factors Left CT NH LMWH then switch to warfarin Follow up by hematologists
Duicu 2016 [21] M/12 Abdominal pain, acute thrombosis of renal vein, no precipitating factors Right CT; Follow up MRI TRO LMWH, warfarin plus antiplatelet, ES 2½ years, OAC, ES
  F/12 Right lower extremity pain, DVT, no precipitating factors, Left Angio CT TRO LMWH, antiplatelet, higher dose LMWH alone, warfarin 3 months, OAC, ES
Fung 2017 [18] M/41 Left loin pain, low grade fever, DVT Left US, CT Not reported LMWH Follow up by hematologists, duration unknown
Singh 2017 [24] F/28 Pelvic pain, menorrhagia Left US, CT Not reported Not reported Not reported
Pomeranz 2018 [19] F/11 Left leg pain, limping, low grade fever, DVT Left MR venogram TRO LMWH, switch to warfarin 3 months
Sagban 2015 [29]a M:F/ 3.2:1 DVT (right sided RR 1.7; both sided RR 2.0) a US, CT or MRI plus veno-graphy in some cases   AC, when feasible combined with surgery Not reported
  1. Abbreviations: DVT deep vein thrombosis, IVCA inferior vena cava atresia, AC anticoagulation, ES elastic stockings, f female, m male, NH normal hemostasis, OAC oral anticoagulant, RR relative risk, TRO thrombophilia ruled out, UFH unfractioned heparin, LMWH low molecular weight heparin, US ultrasound, CT computed tomography, MRI magnetic resonance imaging
  2. aAnalysis of 41 patients and literature review of 123 cases with IVCA: hypoplasia/aplasia of left and right kidney in 2.4 and 4.9%, respectively; no case specific details are given