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Table 5 Expectations and Goals for Delivering the Center-based Intervention Activities

From: Study protocol for a cluster randomized controlled trial to test “¡Míranos! Look at Us, We Are Healthy!” – an early childhood obesity prevention program

Outdoor play sessions (morning and afternoon): 1. 60 min of physical activities
 a. 15-min teacher led activities using Miranos! Activity Cards
 b. 15-min free play
 c. Join the children in play
 d. Have play equipment out for free play
Health education activities from Healthy Habits for Life: 1. Read/sing HHL poem at the beginning of the day
2. Display HHL “Did You Know” poster at entrance for parents to read
3. Teach each HHL activity at least 2 times a week
4. Watch The Get Healthy Now Show 2–3 times a week (5–10 min at a time; do not watch the whole show in one setting)
5. Read Miranos! storybook for the week at least twice a week
6. Install YouTube version of all Miranos! storybooks on Learning Center computers
Transition activities that will keep children physically active: 1. 15 min of physical activities
 a. Using GoNoodle
 b. Using music on tablet
 c. Active learning activities during Learn Centers
 d. Goal: 15 min of physical activities
 e. Not sitting longer than 15 min
 f. Use Learning Ladder
 g. Use Miranos! activity cards
Health contest: 1. Track each child’s participation daily
2. Post the contest results
Staff wellness: 1. Complete weekly activity for each week
2. Participate in health challenges
Evaluation survey: 1. Complete the evaluation survey of all Miranos! activities by Friday