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Table 3 Review of non-cardiac presentations of cardiac myxomas in the pediatric literature

From: Rare presentation of an atrial myxoma in an adolescent patient: a case report and literature review

Reference Number of patients; age (years)/Gender Systemic symptoms Embolic signs Elevated IL-6
Xu [25] 1;13/F None Headache NA
Goldberg [15] 1; 3/M None Right hemiparesis, red spots on foot; died NA
Omeroglu [26] 2; 4/F, 6/F None Stroke NA
Al-Mateen [22] 2; 11/F, 10/M None Acute hemiplegia, transient ischemic attack, red spots NA
Hovels [16] 1; 6/F Fever, arthralgia None yes
Park [17] 1; 5/M Vasculitis None NA
Shiraishi [18] 1 Fever none NA
Patel [20] 1;17 /M Fatigue; rash none NA
Kaminsky [21] 1;14/M Arthropathy None NA
Saji [19] 1 NA NA NA
Domanski [27] 1; 8/M None Stroke NA
Tipton [28] 1; 17/M None Right hemiparesis, lethargy NA
Bobo [29] 1; 15/F None Right hemiparesis, headache NA
Tonz [30] 1; 8/M None Right hemiparesis, seizures, aphasia, red spots, retinal artery occlusion NA
Hung [31] 1; 10/F None Right hemiparesis, retinal artery occlusion NA
Bayir [32] 1; 14/F None Right hemiparesis, aphasia, slurred speech, cool right leg NA
Landers [33] 1; 8/F None Right hemiparesis, expressive aphasia, pulmonary embolus NA
Macias 1:13/F Fever, fatigue Purpura/distal emboli No
  1. Embolic signs include stoke, purpura, retinal artery occlusion. Systemic symptoms include fever, arthralgia, and fatigue. NA not applicable as not evaluated or not mentioned in work up