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Table 1 Inclusion and Exclusion Criteria

From: The BabySeq project: implementing genomic sequencing in newborns

Inclusion criteria:
 Infants born at BWH and admitted to the Well Newborn Nursery, or to the BCH or BWH ICU
 At least one biological parent to have genetic counseling, donate DNA, and provide consent for testing the infant
Exclusion criteria:
 Parents are non-English speaking
 Parents unwilling to have genomic reports placed in the medical record or sent to their primary care pediatrician
 Mother or father younger than 18 years of age
 Mother or father with impaired decisional capacity
 Age of infant is older than 42 days
 One of a multiple gestation
 Any infant in which clinical considerations preclude drawing 1.0 ml of blood
 Clinical exome ordered before the time of enrollment
 Missing consent of either biological parent (if known) or rearing parent (if applicable)