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Table 1 Barriers, Enablers to SSC and Solutions to promote SSC

From: Barriers and enablers to skin-to-skin contact at birth in healthy neonates - a qualitative study

Barriers Enablers Solutions
Skewed health-care staff client ratio in the labor room
 • Lack of Personnel
 • Time Constraints
Knowledge of Benefits
 • Motivation by Pediatricians
Dedicated bystander
 • Dedicated staff
 • Relative/family member
Apprehensions related to the procedure
 • Concern of Safety
 • Dilemma in decision making
Structured periodic inter-department teaching
 • Training staff
 • Reinforcement by Demonstration
 • Interdepartmental dialogue
Parochialism towards SSC
 • Lack of Awareness
 • General lack of belief
 • Lack of constant motivation
Maternal Acceptance Antenatal awareness
 • Creating demand
Interdepartmental Issues
Minor barriers
 • Interference with other clinical procedures
 • Gender preference for the newborn
Positive Experience Early SSC – a practical alternative